Christina Clark

Full Name (Nick/Stage name): Christina Clark

Age : 39

Hometown and city/town you currently reside : Lubbock and Dallas, TX, respectively.

Occupation : Accountant.

Instagram/Facebook : Christina Clark | Facebook

How did you hear about Metro Idol?
Robert Olivas, kj and friend.

Where and which night did you perform you Preliminary?
10/13 at The Cottage

How long have you been singing and when did you realize your passion for singing?
I was classically trained through my church’s music program. Singing has been my favorite thing to do for my whole life.

Tell us something interesting about you. Could be anything from random/hidden/rare talents, upbringing, challenges you’ve faced or moment(s) from your childhood, etc. This is where you can express what you would like us to know that sets your apart!
I played bassoon for 10 years and I’m on cast at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. I was French Court for 5 years, and now, I play a staple of the village, the tavernkeep. I’m also the Director of Language/Dialect for the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts. As for weird facts, my face was used as the model for a 16′ statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the titled church in Port Arthur, TX.