Heaven Hughes-Stoker

Full Name (Nick/Stage name): Heaven Hughes-Stoker

Age: 34

Hometown and city/town you currently reside : Arlington,Texas

Occupation: Nail Tech / care giver

IG/FB page : Heaven Hughes-Stoker

How did you hear about Metro Idol?

Where and which night did you perform you Preliminary?
Smokey’s D BBQ Oct 14th

How long have you been singing and when did you realize your passion for singing?
I’ve been singing since I was about 11 years old! Started out just playing at recess with friends and family. Until I knew it was something go REALLY going on lol. I realized I had a psssion for singing around 13!!

Tell us something interesting about you. Could be anything from random/hidden/rare talents, upbringing, challenges you’ve faced or moment(s) from your childhood, etc. This is where you can express what you would like us to know that sets your apart!
I was born and raised in a small town called Augusta, Arkansas. Raised by my grandparents. The oldest of 4 cousins that they raised!! I’ve always been a proctor of my family!! I graduated high school in 2006 and immediately went to college!! Like almost most young adults I realized it just wasn’t for me! I’ve always known I’ve wanted to work for myself because I’ve never liked being told what to do lol. So I ventured off into many things until I found an unknown passion when I moved to Texas! Stage Plays!!! While doing those I maintained a leading role for about 4 years!! Wow right! Never even knew I could act! Moving to Texas has definitely been an amazing experience for me!!! I’ve progress so much on stage and learned the value of networking and support!! Then to top it all off I met my wonderful husband here!!!! So it’s safe to say this was an amazing moved for me and I’m super blessed for everything that God has brought me through and super excited about the future!!!!