Johnathan Smith

Full Name (Nick/Stage name): Jonathan Smith

Age :31

Hometown and city/town you currently reside: Big Spring / Frisco

Occupation: Store Manager @ T-Mobile

Instagram/Facebook: jonosmith08

How did you hear about Metro Idol?
I was at a karaoke show with Shoji and ran into The Showman and he told me about Metro Idol.

Where and which night did you perform you Preliminary?
SkinnyFATS Dallas

How long have you been singing and when did you realize your passion for singing?
I’ve had a passion for music my entire life. I started singing when I was in 3rd grade which was when I joined choir. I was a shy singer and it wasn’t until Junior High when I did my first solo performance and realized I loved doing it. Now, any chance I get to go to a karaoke show I try and be there.

Tell us something interesting about you. Could be anything from random/hidden/rare talents, upbringing, challenges you’ve faced or moment(s) from your childhood, etc. This is where you can express what you would like us to know that sets your apart!
Singing has always been my escape when I feel overwhelmed or stressed out about anything. Last year was a TERRIBLE year… I lost my step brother in a motorcycle accident, a month later I lost my great aunt, a month after I lost my grandmother to two forms of cancer and a week after that I lost my great uncle and just a few short months ago, I lost the first guy that I publicly dated and truly fell in love with… my first love! During all of that heartache there was only ONE thing outside of tequila and vodka that kept me sane and that was music… The music is what kept me going, don’t get me wrong the music had me in my feels but it allowed me to escape, shut my eyes and just listen to the rhythm, the melody and the overall lyrics. Music saved me time after time when I was ready to give up and that is one reason why I haven’t stopped singing. I try and volunteer during holidays to sing in nursing homes or veteran events when time allows because I know how much of a positive impact music has made in my life.