Joseph ‘Jay’ Vales

Full Name (Nick/Stage name) : Jay Vales

Age : 47

Hometown and city/town you currently reside : Lewisville, TX

Occupation : Professor of Game Design

Instagram/Facebook :

How did you hear about Metro Idol?
Through Shawn Kay personally

Where and which night did you perform you Preliminary?
Guitars and Growlers on Sept 19

How long have you been singing and when did you realize your passion for singing?
I’ve been singing since I was in jr. high, but only for fun. My passion came when I started singing karaoke regularly in 1997.

Tell us something interesting about you. Could be anything from random/hidden/rare talents, upbringing, challenges you’ve faced or moment(s) from your childhood, etc. This is where you can express what you would like us to know that sets your apart!
I’ve moved here to Dallas because I’m in the middle of a divorce. I’ve gotten myself into several hobbies to calm me down which includes archery, painting miniatures, and of course karaoke. They all keep me focused and out of depression.

I love my job. I chased my passion for games and now I’m a Professor of Game Design. I’ve worked on games such as World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto 4 as an animator. I’ve published my own card game and I’ve mentored hundreds of students in their careers.

When I’m on stage, I become a different person. Nothing matters but the performance. Explaining it doesn’t do it justice. I’d rather show you.