Mel Arizpe

Full Name (Nick/Stage name): Mel Arizpe

Age: 39

Hometown and city/town you currently reside: Dallas

Occupation: Customer Service Coordinator/Karaoke Host

Instagram/Facebook: melmic200/Mel Arizpe

How did you hear about Metro Idol?

Where and which night did you perform you Preliminary?
Richardson-Guitars & Growlers Oct 3

How long have you been singing and when did you realize your passion for singing?
Been singing since I was 6, my dad was a singer/musician who toured with a band and mom was a dancer so music was always around. I realized my passion for singing at my first talent show in elementary, performing for the crowd made me feel at home.

Tell us something interesting about you. Could be anything from random/hidden/rare talents, upbringing, challenges you’ve faced or moment(s) from your childhood, etc. This is where you can express what you would like us to know that sets your apart!
I was voted Class Favorite + Best All Around in High School which is probably why I’ve lasted 13 years hosting “Tx Titty Tuesday Karaoke” weekly at the Roundup Saloon & Dance Hall. It’s been fun to watch and hear my regulars over the years but it’s always a great surprise when you get that one amazing vocalist who really brings it and makes you say wow!