1. Who will judge the Preliminary nights for the Top 4 and Overall Top Performer?
A: It will be judged by your host, Head of Promotions, and Venue Management. This will be based on song performance and delivery, stage presence, and crowd reaction/response. No bribes or acts of favoritism will be tolerated or accepted, all contestants will be judged on merit of performance ONLY!

2. Do I have to register at a specific location and date, and what happens if I can’t show up to the date/location I originally chose?
– Choose from any of the listed dates/locations that fits best. If you register for a date/location that you no longer can attend, please email MetroIdolLive@gmail.com to reschedule for a future date. Any no shows of registered dates/locations will not be refunded and will have to register again as a secondary registration.

3. If I want to just sing karaoke on a Prelim night, do I have to register as a contestant for Metro Icon?
– ALL SINGERS ARE WELCOME! Each Preliminary night will have open karaoke with/between contestant performances. To be considered for competition winnings, you must register as a contestant and pay registration fee.

4. With everything going on in the world, what happens if the competition is cancelled?
– In the event that circumstances prevent us from moving forward with the competition, all earned slots for the competition will be saved for a future date once applicable to move forward and continue on with the competition.

5. What happens if there’s less than 8 contestants performing at the Prelim night, will there be a Cash Winning for the Top Performer?
– Yes, but earnings will be adjusted accordingly. Must have at least 8 total contestants to reach max $150 earnings.

6. Can I perform an original song or bring my own back track, or only perform karaoke versions you have?
A: YES! You are more than welcome to provide your own track for prelims and competition nights (besides themed or song assigned competition nights)